📜 The Timeline

I want to understand what matters over very long timescales. After a lot of tweaking with different kinds of software, I finally came up with a way to implement a Macrohistory Timeline in Notion. It's not made to be friendly for anyone else but if you share my interests, you mind want to take a look or inspiration. If you have ideas for better implementations, please get in touch. I'm particularly interested in visualizing the timeline as a directed acyclic graph. See for example old landing page here, filtered AGI timeline, or patent timeline, or the whole thing starting with the Big Bang here.

Feel free to duplicate it as a template and even use the content (>2500 entries as of Jan 2021) but don't be surprised if you find odd personal notes and links. That said, I don't think the content will be massively useful without context as it won't be your "personal knowledge" around which you've built up connections.

Some usage examples below.