Some sentences about me

Welcome to my website! I'm Aleš. Here are some facts about me:

👉 I grew up in Brno, Czechia. I'm a big fan of Monty Python, Jára Cimrman and Benjamin Franklin. You can find some of my favorite books here.

👉 I think I was the first person from my high school to apply abroad. I somehow lucked out and got into Harvard, Yale and Oxford. I studied Economics (and too many other subjects) at Harvard. I helped run Harvard Effective Altruism as co-president and later as advisor. I recommend checking out some of the lectures I helped organize. At Harvard, I also had a podcast, The Turing Test, and interviewed Steven Pinker, Larry Summers, Josh Greene and others.

👉 After college, I worked as a science writer and research assistant at the leading AI research company, DeepMind. Most recently, I worked as research assistant with Dr Eric Drexler, the "father of nanotechnology", on trajectories and implications of advanced AI and physical technologies.

👉 I'm interested in how technology co-evolves with human societies and culture. To orient in these topics, I am developing a macrohistory timeline in Notion with a particular focus on economic history, cultural evolution, history of science and technology and institutional reactions to all of the above.

👉 I am fascinated by both biological and cultural evolution and, during Covid, I enrolled in a Master's program in evolutionary biology at Charles University in Prague, with a focus on punctuated equilibria in the evolution of technologies.

👉 I currently study a MSc in economic and social history focusing on broadly similar themes, primarily trying to understand the mechanism of the industrial revolution and the evolution of the modern R&D lab.

👉 As an experiment, I will also try to keep track of good papers and talks here (though this is far from up-to-date).

👉 In case you didn't know, it takes about $5 to provide one anti-malarial bed net and about $3-5k to save a statistical life by donating to one of the top charities evaluated by GiveWell. Now you can't say you didn't know. You're welcome.

Aleš, looking thoughtful